Your Thoughts Determine Your Actions

I have always said that how you think affects what you say or do. As much as I truly think that this is true and am always telling my friends and customers this, I was able to actually see it in real life the other day. I have many jobs and one is coaching gymnastics once a … Continue reading Your Thoughts Determine Your Actions


There Will be Days Like This

I know I'm not alone as I lay in my bed feeling hopeless, lost and confused. My attempts at reading my personal development book resulted in tears and made me question my decisions even further. How did I get here? What happened that I ended up in this position? Yes my life may look put … Continue reading There Will be Days Like This

Super Fantabulous Energizing Saturday

Not my usual way of describing a Saturday that is for sure (especially because I am normally working). But this Saturday wasn't like most. This Saturday I was surrounded by a group of amazing people who were all passionate about helping others reach for their goals and living the healthiest happiest life they possibly could! … Continue reading Super Fantabulous Energizing Saturday