I’m Catherine, a fitness loving, foodie with a passion for helping people! I love sharing tips about eating healthy, working out, and personal growth.

I am a passionate yoga teacher and online fitness coach. I graduated from Ryerson with a BaSc in Nutrition and Food, and have always been interested in helping people and teaching people how to live a healthy lifestyle. As an athlete I have suffered from many injuries which later limited my ability to stay active. My journey to become fit again combined yoga, and later adding in more challenging fitness classes and at home work outs. I love sharing these resources to others and teaching them how to live healthy lives. My love of yoga, and desire to help others lead me to teaching yoga. I received my 200hr RYT in Maui, learning Hatha vinyasa yoga. My training taught me safe alignment to help me pass along the healing effect that yoga has to offer. I later went on to become a personal trainer to depend my understanding of how the body works, and how to effectively gain strength and endurance.I am constantly learning about how to effectively and functionally move the body to prevent injuries and gain strength. I now offers private yoga lessons, customized in home work out programs and meal prepping services.

Browse around and let me know what you think! DO you have a topic that you want to see me blog about, just visit the comments section and let me know!

If you like what you see here, feel free to follow me on facebook, I love sharing my day to day life there 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/catmariefitness



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