Healthy Spin on the Mug Cake

Anyone who knows me, knows I have the biggest sweet tooth. I used to be a huge fan of cake mugs. You know the type that are like half sugar and flour, but taste amazing!? I love those!!!!! Ok lets be honest here I still love them! But I have realized that I probably shouldn’t have them every night of the week. That may or may not have happened a while ago. But I am focusing on my health now, and that means eating better! and no more mug cakes every night after dinner. Sad times I know but that doesn’t meant that I need to miss out on all the cakey goodness

So what is a girl to do when she is craving something sweet and totally bad for her?

Throw a healthy spin on it!!!

I should probably have prefaced this post with “I suck at recipes”. Unless its something like baking bread or making pastry I don’t follow a recipe.

So I will do my best to make this simple to follow, but feel free to throw your own spin on it.

Start with your ingredients this is kind of what I used but you can totally play around with the flavour and texture by adjusting amount of each ingredient the shakeology and some sort of wet ingredients are required if you want this to turn out to resemble some sort of cakey texture:


I mixed all the dry ingredients together and then added the wet ones, playing around with the amount of water that I used. Then I stuck it in the microwave, depending on how you want this to turn out will depend on how long you want it in there for. The longer it is in the microwave, the more cake like it will be and more potential to be dry, the shorter it is in the more gooey and brownie like it will be. So I start with 30 seconds and go up from there.


Peanut butter can be added into the cake before or after the microwave experience. I chose afterwards and spread it on like icing.

Dig in and enjoy!

  Oh and if your following the 21 day fix your containers are: 1.5 red, and 1tsp (if you used the peanut butter and used a calorie free sweetener)

Happy baking… and eating… more importantly happy eating.



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