This Life is a Story and You are the Writer

your reality

“What you choose to focus on becomes your reality.”
We sometimes get so wrapped up with our lives and the trials and turmoils that we are experiencing, we sometimes forget to take a step back and look and our life from an outside perspective.

Have you ever been driving to work, or someplace that you have been to a million times only to look over to see a store, or a landmark and think how long has that been there? It has probably been there ever since your first drive on that route, but you were so focused on just getting to work, or how bad the traffic is, or belting out your favourite song to notice. Our thoughts work the same way, when we get tunnel vision and only think one way that is all that we can see. When we focus on something like “I have no money” or “I can’t afford that” you cling to these false beliefs.  I know, some of you are screaming at me from behind your computer screens, saying “false belief??!!” Have you seen my bank account?! Trust me this isn’t a false believe! I hear you and I understand where you are coming from, but just listen to me for a second. If you think you have no money have you ever taken a hard look at every dime you spend? Have you looked to see if that timmies coffee was really worth the 2$ when you could make some at home for way cheaper? Now I am not saying to cut back on everything fun in life. But what I am saying to do is to prioritize your spending, and be aware of it. I have been there, I have said that I cant afford to go snowboarding which is 40$, when I had just spent 200$ on a purse the month before. It wasn’t that I couldn’t afford it, but it wasn’t a priority for me. I was choosing to spend my money else where. Look at the things that you are spending your money on. Did you really want to spend that 5 dollars at that fast food restaurant everyday when if you saved that you would have 150$ to put towards your health goals, or even that oil change that you keep putting off because you can’t afford it?

Now let’s say that you are cutting every corner you can to save money and you are still falling behind every month.  I want to get it out there that I am not accusing people who can’t afford to buy groceries or new clothing for their children of not thinking that those things are not a priority. But I do want to say that before you jump ahead and say that you cant afford something that you need to take that hard look at what your spending priorities are and if you are willing to change them. If you are ok with your spending habits and spending extra money on things, then that it totally ok. BUT you need to stop saying that you are broke or cant afford things and realize that you are choosing to spend your money else where. So what happens if you really are falling behind each month? Then what?


You need to change what you put your focus on!! If you keep focusing on how you are broke, that will be all you will see. You need to start focusing on ways to improve your financial situation. Focus on ways to increase what you make in the month. Now this may seem totally out to left field, but just hang on a second and listen to me!

Even if you don’t know how you would make more money or how adding another revenue stream would even look like, just start looking. And I promise that as you start to focus on what you wan,t that is what you will start to see. As you start thinking positively about money, and not letting it control you, you will start to see a world of difference. You are letting your brain focus on something else other than the control that money has over you.

Open doors

Have you ever noticed how when you are looking at buying a new car and you a researching about what type you want and then once you have picked out the car that you love you start seeing it everywhere?!? At the mall, driving to work, or even just walking to get the mail. That car is everywhere, and you begin to think that there must have been a giant sale on them because everyone has one! NOPE!! There are still the same number of those cars (give or take) on the road as there were a few days ago before you decided that you wanted one. But now your are focusing on them and that is all that you see

Start putting this into action in your life now! Write down what you want to see in your life, and look at it every day. Start focusing on what you want to see, instead of what you aren’t happy with. Start shifting those negative thoughts into positive ones, take control back over your life and place your focus on where you want to be.

This life is a story and you are the writer, if you don’t like what has been written for you start writing a new story. You have the power to start your story over again and throw out your old story.

If there is one “story” about you; whether it be “I am too broke” “I am from a poor family” “That isn’t how we do things from where I am from” “that type of job doesn’t make money” that you could rewrite what would it be?

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