Your Thoughts Determine Your Actions

I have always said that how you think affects what you say or do. As much as I truly think that this is true and am always telling my friends and customers this, I was able to actually see it in real life the other day.

I have many jobs and one is coaching gymnastics once a week. While I was assisting coaching an advanced class, I was teaching the girls to do cartwheels on the beam. One girl said something that really hit me. When I asked her to do her cartwheel she said she couldn’t do it, and she was right! She wasnt landing on the beam at all! Like wasn’t even close! She wasn’t landing because she told her self that she couldn’t do it, it had nothing to do with if she was capable or not, it was only because she told her self that she wasn’t able to do it and her brain was trying to not make her a lier. She convinced herself that she couldn’t do it so she wasn’t going to. No amount of spotting was going to help her, her body would fight to not land on the beam when I was helping her. But when I asked her to do a cartwheel on a straight line it was perfect. So in theory she could do it, but she was determined that she couldn’t land it and instead of fighting to get her feet on the beam her body was fighting to not land on the beam.


When I heard her say those words “I can’t” I immediately asked her to stop what she was doing. I told her that if she was going to keep telling herself that she couldn’t land this, that she likely never will and that she is fully capable of doing this skill!! I asked her to say that she was going to land it! She of course laughed at me, like any tween would do, but I was serious. She wasn’t allowed to take her turn until she said that she could do this and she was going to land it! That shift in thinking drastically changed her progression. Her next turn she got her front foot on and by the end of class she was very close to landing her cartwheels. Now a week later she can land her cartwheels.


Always be mindful of what you tell yourself because  your thoughts and words will determine your actions. If you truly want something to happen to you, you need to believe it will happen. That chatter in your mind, those little words that say “your a failure” “you always give up so why bother”  “you have bad luck” “nothing ever goes your way”, those are going to keep being true as long as you keep saying them to yourself. You need to check your self, be aware of what you are telling yourself on a daily basis. Once you are aware of the things that you are telling yourself then you can start to replace when with positive affirmations that will help you live a happier life and start seeing what you want in your life. If you have self confidence issues and your mind keeps saying “you are stupid” every time you make a little mistake or something doesn’t go your way you are gong to start believing that you are stupid! Instead when you hear yourself saying that chatter replace it with “I am improving” “I can do this” “I am strong” or something simple such as “I am Smart’! The more you start replacing these negative thoughts with positive ones the more you will start seeing a difference in your life!

What positive affirmations are you telling yourself this week?

you are enough


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