Healthy Holiday Eating (part 7)


Honestly writing this was a toughy for me, I am a water girl through and through. I am completely happy with just drinking water and nothing else! But I know that that isn’t the case for everyone so here are some options to get that yummy beverage while watching your calories

* Skip the punch, to be honest I’m not really sure why punch is just a common things at events but just skip it. If you are hosting, don’t make punch, I promise that no one will miss it if you still provide yummy drinks

* Drink water! Just do it lol. I know that not everyone loves water, but you will learn to and its so good for you! Can’t stand just plain water? Add some fruit, herbs, or veggies. My favourite is cucumber and lemon but here is a link that has some awesome combinations that you can be serving your guests. For best results make the night before so that the flavours can infuse into the water.


* Do you like the fizz in soft drink? Look for low calorie or zero calorie soda, but skip the ones that say diet! Diet soda usually has artificial sugars in them which will do your body more harm than good. Try perrier or Zevia, both are tasty and have no calories, while having natural ingredients.

* Remember that coffee and alcohol are diuretics, these drinks will make you have to pee more, and may contribute to dehydration, so be sure to drink water to help combat this if you are drinking these type of drinks

* Juice, while its often thought that juice is a healthy alternative to pop it can still be high in calories and sugar. It is ok to have once and a while, especially if you want something on the sweeter side.


I know that not everyone drinks, but if you choose to drink at your holiday event here is some tips to keep the calories down. Remember to drink these in moderation to also help keep the calories down.

* Mixed drinks are usually full of sugary pop, and juices and not only can they add up in calroies but the sugar in them will contribute to a hangover. I will post some mixed drinks that are low calories

* Wine, when choosing this option remember that a serving size is 5oz (127 calories), and there is about 5 pours in a bottle. When pouring in traditional red-wine glasses (which are larger than white-wine glasses), stop once the wine reaches the “bell,” or the widest part of the glass. Usually this will be around four or five ounces. Choose red over white as this has been shown to have health benefits if you have one serving per day.

* When it comes to beer they can really vary in calories, in general the lower the percent of alcohol the lower the calories are in the drink.

* The lighter the beer, the lower the calories, makes sense but just a reminder 🙂

Mixed drinks (some of these recipes call for diet sodas, look for options that don’t have artificial sweeteners such as perrier, instead of diet soda)

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