Healthy Holiday Eating (part 6)

Main courses

This is where the portion control really come into play! Once and awhile treats are allow and we can indulge as long as it’s in small proportions. Remember to fill up on veggies and low fat meats. This will keep you full without feeling stuffed and bloated afterwards.

Around Christmas everyone seems to add more butter to everything! When you are deciding on what to pick to fill up your plate look for these things:

* Salads (dressing on the side if possible)

* Steamed veggies


* Turkey or Chicken

* Roasted or boiled potatoes

What to avoid:

* Salads with creamy dressings

* Dishes with lots of butter added to them ( mashed potatoes, some roasted veggies)

* Dishes with candied nuts, marshmallows, or onion crisps

* Dishes with glazes (aka sugar)

* Dishes with lots of sauces, cream, or cheese

* Foods that are cured, or have a lot of salt added to them, usually meats and ham

If you are cooking remember my post about healthy cooking? This is when you can put all of those tips into play! But here are some highlights to keep in mind.

* Skip the salt, most recipes don’t need salt, we get so much sodium from everything else no one will notice if you don’t put salt in your food, and if they do they can add their own 🙂

* Cut back on oils and butter, if a recipe needs oils use coconut oil, and use sparingly, not recipes can be cooked with less than the amount of oil than is called for

* Cook with water when possible, steam veggies instead of roasting with butter, or adding a sugar glaze. Add herbs or spices to add flavor

* Keep things simple, and focus on enhancing the natural flavour in dishes. For example, beans are yummy on their own, but try adding some garlic to kick up the flavour.



Family eating Christmas dinner


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