Healthy Holiday Eating (part 4)

Portion sizes.

Portion sizes is a very important skill to use when learning how to eat healthy, but it can be confusing, difficult and hard! Here are some visuals to help you use your hands and well known objects to visualize what the correct portions are for each food group. I do have to say it was surprisingly difficult to find ones that didn’t include correct portion sizes of ice cream, chips and pretzels. I know that those things are ok once and a while, but I was shocked that they were in almost every guide that I looked through.

This is the season to be eating out a lot whether it be at a restaurant or at a friend house. Not being in control of what is being served or how much food is on your plate can make it difficult to eat healthy. When eating out remember that serving sizes are often much larger than what you would have given  yourself if you were at home.


Don’t wait until you are stuffed to ask for that take out container. Once you order your meal kindly explain to the server that you would like a takeout box as soon as your meal arrives so that you don’t eat the whole thing. Portion your serving out and put the rest in your box, out of site out of mind. You will be able to eat guilt free, won’t feel stuffed or bloated and will have dinner for the next day! If you are eating at a friends or a families house try to serve yourself if possible, this way you have control over how much food you are eating. I have included pictures of plate sizes and how your should fill your plate to help you determine what and how much food you should ideally be eating.

Remember that food is a large factor in any weight loss or fitness journey. If you can learn your portion sizes you will have a head start on your goals. The next step is choosing what foods you eat.

I have included pictures from the Canadian Food guide that talk about how many servings of eat food you should ideally eat, and what foods are in each group. A good tip to help you determine if a food is healthy is; try to eat foods closest to how they are found in nature. Raw fruit is better for you than a sugary fruit topping, or fruit in a granola bar. Remember that this is a guide and maybe a little high in calories and carbohydrates if you are trying to lose weight or tone up.

As you may know I am a fitness coach. If portion sizes are something that you struggle with feel free to message me. I would love to help you learn about portion sizes and feel confident about eating healthy.


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