Healthy Holiday Eating (part 3)


When I think of appetizers I usually think of anything fried, with phyllo pastry, filled with cheese or coated in breading! As yummy as these things are they aren’t the best for our waistline, or our health! Appetizers are usually high in fat and calories, but this doesn’t need to be the case! Below I have posted some of my favourite healthy appetizers that you can bring to your next party


In a rush? Just grab a veggie tray! Healthy, simple and easy.


Tips to make it through the appetizer section of your party without overindulging

* Use a napkin instead of a plate, they can’t hold much so you won’t over do it

* Skip the dip. Dips are often high in fat and calories.

* Fill up on veggies. Stay away from the carbs, high fat items (fried or lots of cheese), and sliced meats (bacon, salami etc).

* Be wary of appetizers covered in sauce! That sauce, although may taste yummy, can add up in calories quickly

* Drink water, this will help you feel fuller and not over indulge on appetizers even before the main course has come out.


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