Healthy Holiday Eating (part 2)


I think that desserts are possibly my favourite thing ever! It’s really too bad that they are usually high in sugar and fat. I could eat sweets just about every day! Here are some tips that I have used to keep eating my “sweets” but keeping it healthy. Ill also post some recipes in the Recipe photo album along with some links to some online.


Homemade ice cream: Blend your favourite frozen fruit together with some ice to create healthy ice cream, cocoa powder or vanilla can be added to extra flavouring


Add fruit or veggies when possible: beets in brownies to help with sugar content, extra veggies such as carrots in zucchini bread

Try to reduce the added sugar. From what I have found recipes can have their sugar content halved without a lot of taste difference. Or use agave instead. It has a lower glycemic index and is sweeter so you don’t need as much.

Avoid chemical sweeteners such as sucralose, aspartame, and sugar twin, and use natural sweeteners instead such as: honey, maple syrup, date sugar, coconut sugar, agave, and stevia

Switch out half the fat for blended beans, apple sauce or bananas


Cut down the fat in the milk required. If a recipe asks for homo try 1%. Milk fat can affect the outcome of some recipes so be cautious to not change the percentage to much

Use two egg whites instead of one whole egg

Make your serving sizes smaller than what the recipe calls for.

Here are some links to my favourite desserts:

Check out these images for my favourite recipes too.

Check back tomorrow for part 3 or this 7 part series


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