When the going gets bad.. Read

It pains me to see when people don’t take care of themselves. I am not talking about outward appearance, although that is also important. I mean talking care of you needs and taking time to grow yourself as a person. Leadership-Words

If you aren’t taking care of your who will? I think personal development is so important, regardless of where you are in life. Whether you just want to improve yourself or you have a lot of work  to do (this is where I am right now) it’s so beneficial to everyone. Life throws us curves all the time. We may not see them coming and it may hit us hard, but constantly growing yourself will allow you to bounce back quicker. Developing yourself isn’t easy, it takes work and it means taking an objective look at yourself, something that not everyone wants to do. It involves looking at your weaknesses and then working to improve them.
When my marriage wasn’t going well I started reading personal development books about relationship. I tried reading “5 Languages of Love” and “Hold me Tight”. Both amazing books on relationships, but I kept getting frustrated and not finishing the books. My partner at the time wasn’t interested so I felt like I was the only one trying. I got discouraged and down on myself and my relationship. I wasn’t ready to take a hard look at my life and evaluate it and work to improve it.  Something that desperately needed to be done. If I was willing to do the hard work at the time things may have been different. But I ignored my problems and things got worse. 12241367_10153102470261360_1294170821042300284_n

When my marriage finally didn’t work I decided that I want to be the best version of myself. Both physically and mentally. I realized that my marriage breaking down wasn’t one sided. We were in that relationship together and it wasn’t just one personal that caused it to fall apart. I was determined to never let that happen to me again. But I knew that wouldn’t happen if I just sat around and did nothing. I also knew that I was passionate about helping people. I may not have known how I wanted to help them, but I knew that my passion was to make a difference in peoples lives, and there was no way that I could do that unless I helped myself first.  I started reading personal development books, reconnecting with old friends, working out and eating healthy.4238f839864ba2a5055b863f546140c8
I had so much energy even though I was busier than I had been in a long time.
One of my favorite books to read was called “The Happiness Project“ by Gretchen Rubin. I totally judge books by their cover and this one was a bright blue and drew me in, and it said happiness project. Sounded perfect for a girl who was at the lowest point in her life.

So I read it! And I loved it! Just the act of reading this book made me happy. It had a website that you could visit and a blog of its own where you could learn more about the writers happiness project and even start one of your own! This book was the kick off to my personal development journey. Since then I have vowed to always be reading a personal development book to help build myself up and make myself stronger every day.

If you are looking for “The Happiness Project“ resources check out her website here: https://gretchenrubin.com/

What personal development book are you reading right now?


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